About us

avariilised-autod.ee is a trademark owned by Moneklar OÜ, a company founded in 1997 based on Estonian equity, which primarily deals with the sale of used vehicles and providing a towing service.

Due to our lengthy period of activity we have obtained a very large number of customers, both buyers and sellers, and to our knowledge we are the largest company that realises accidental and damaged vehicles in Estonia.

While in the early years most of the realised assets remained in Estonia, it has been a rising trend of recent years to export mainly to Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Lately, we have also been discovered by the Finns and the Latvians.

avariilised-autod.ee also owns a solid fleet of tow trucks and employs professional drivers with lengthy working experience. Our fleet consists of two specially equipped tow trucks that enable us to fulfil almost any order.

Our biggest clients today in addition to various individuals and small businesses are several insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships and repair shops.