Towing Service owns a solid fleet of tow trucks and employs professional drivers with lengthy working experience. Our fleet consists of two specially equipped tow trucks that enable us to fulfil almost any order.

Our biggest clients today in addition to various individuals and small businesses are most Estonian insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships and repair shops. does not engage in vehicle removal for impounding. also reserves a right to refuse to execute an order if the customer cannot prove a tie with the vehicle and if by carrying out the work there is a hazard for causing material damage to the tow truck, the customer’s vehicle or to any other order-related property.


Price List

Within Tallinn 50.-
Outside Tallinn: passenger vehicle 0,90.- per km
(minimum order 65.-)
Outside Tallinn: vans, small tractors, etc. 1.- per km
(minimum order 65.-)
Every commenced 15 minutes of the working/waiting period
(the first 15 minutes will be free)

Prices are given in Estonian kroons, on which VAT at 20% will be applicable.

We also provide trailer transport services on the route Estonia - Germany - Estonia, with capacity of up to 9 vehicles at a time. The prices are subject to agreement and depend on the size and location of the vehicles.


Rainer Pius
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